Saturday, January 26, 2008

Smart People Preview Clips

Three preview clips are available for Smart People:

Nice of you
Vanessa (Ellen Page) visits Lawrence (Dennis Quaid) in the hospital.

Win-Win Situation
Chuck (Thomas Haden Church) wants to move in and drive Lawrence (Dennis Quaid) around.

Chuck (Thomas Haden Church) drives Lawrence (Dennis Quaid) to work.

Your Essay
Lawrence (Dennis Quaid) tries to apologize to Janet (Sarah Jessica Parker) for his behavior.

The Doctor Girlfriend
Chuck (Thomas Haden Church) meets Janet (Sarah Jessica Parker) on the porch.

Merry Christmas
Janet (Sarah Jessica Parker) is a guest at a very uncomforatable Wetherhold family dinner.

Four Words
Chuck (Thomas Haden Church) tells Lawrence (Dennis Quaid) what he should say.

Egghead Professor but emotionally dumb!