Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Smart People Stars Sarah Jessica Parker

The title says it all: Smart People, along Denis Quaid who is the main character, is starring the sweet Sarah Jessica Parker from Sex and the City.

Let's learn more about Sarah Jessica Parker's role in this upcoming comedy movie:

She jumped on the movie train: that's lucky for us!

Monday, March 31, 2008

Smart People TV Spot

Dennis Quaid and Sarah Jessica Parker: an incredible couple? Well I head recenty that a couple is likely to last longerif the guy is ugly and the girl pretty. Well, this movie is right then! ;-p I know: I'm exaggerating, Denis Quaid is kind of handsome... But you have to admit that Sarah Jessica Parker from Sex and the city is way too pretty to be Denis Quaid's girlfriend.

Here below the first TV spot of Smart People:

Living with one's family isn't always easy!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Smart People Official Trailer

Smart People is an upcoming comedy starring Dennis Quaid and Sarah Jessica Parker. The movie should be released in April 2008.

Here below the official trailer of Smart People:

The Plot:
"Professor Lawrence Wetherhold (Dennis Quaid) might be imperiously brilliant, monumentally self-possessed and an intellectual giant – but when it comes to solving the conundrums of love and family, he's as downright flummoxed as the next guy. His teenaged daughter (Ellen Page) is an acid-tongued overachiever who follows all too closely in dad's misery-loving footsteps, and his adopted, preposterously ne'er-do-well brother (Thomas Haden Church) has perfected the art of freeloading. A widower who can't seem to find passion in anything anymore, not even the Victorian Literature in which he's an expert, it seems Lawrence is sleepwalking through a very stunted middle age. When his brother shows up unexpectedly for an extended stay at just about the same time as he accidentally encounters his former student Janet (Sarah Jessica Parker), the circumstances cause him to stir from his deep, deep freeze, with often comical, sometimes heartbreaking, consequences for himself and everyone around him." (Source: Coming Soon)

Fan of Sarah Jessica Parker can be happy: not only they are going to see her in April in Smart People but they will also see her in May in Sex And the City the movie!

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Smart People Preview Clips

Three preview clips are available for Smart People:

Nice of you
Vanessa (Ellen Page) visits Lawrence (Dennis Quaid) in the hospital.

Win-Win Situation
Chuck (Thomas Haden Church) wants to move in and drive Lawrence (Dennis Quaid) around.

Chuck (Thomas Haden Church) drives Lawrence (Dennis Quaid) to work.

Your Essay
Lawrence (Dennis Quaid) tries to apologize to Janet (Sarah Jessica Parker) for his behavior.

The Doctor Girlfriend
Chuck (Thomas Haden Church) meets Janet (Sarah Jessica Parker) on the porch.

Merry Christmas
Janet (Sarah Jessica Parker) is a guest at a very uncomforatable Wetherhold family dinner.

Four Words
Chuck (Thomas Haden Church) tells Lawrence (Dennis Quaid) what he should say.

Egghead Professor but emotionally dumb!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Smart People Posters

Here below the official posters of Smart People, upcoming comedy starring Dennis Quaid and Sarah Jessica Parker:
(Click on a poster to enlarge it.)

Smart People PosterSmart People

Sometimes the smartest people have the most to learn!